Michael Capiraso: 4 Tips on Crafting Effective LinkedIn Recommendations

What Makes a Great LinkedIn Recommendation?

1. It’s Attention-Grabbing

The number one rule of writing is that you’re always fighting for your audience’s attention. If you can wow them with an opening line that hooks them in and makes them want to read on, you’ve already won.

2. It’s Personal

Recommendations are worth more if they come from people who know the recommendee well. Try to let your audience know that you enjoyed your time working together.

3. It’s Specific

Writing something like, “Jane performed the duties of her work in an above-average way” doesn’t tell anyone anything. Show that you know the person well, and that you’re the right person to talk about their qualifications.

  • Developing strategy, creating a plan, and executing it
  • Overseeing a complete end-to-end process
  • Developing the best workflow for a specific goal

4. It Tells a Story

Anecdotes tend to stick better in people’s heads than a list of superlatives. If you can, write about a time when this person went above and beyond.

How to Write or Request a LinkedIn Recommendation

LinkedIn has a built-in way to request recommendations from those you’ve worked with before.

The Takeaway

LinkedIn recommendations are key social proof that back up someone’s professional claims on their profile.



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Michael Capiraso

Michael Capiraso

Michael Capariso is a visionary leader who serves on the board of JoggingBuddy and has shaped the business and brand strategies of the NFL, MLB, NYRR and more.