Michael Capiraso joins JoggingBuddy as board member and shareholder

Michael Capiraso
3 min readJul 7, 2021

JoggingBuddy announced an important addition to its board in June 2021 after naming Michael Capiraso as an advisor and shareholder.

Capiraso served as the former CEO and president of New York Road Runners before joining JoggingBuddy in his new role. His 28-year experience in running and organizing New York City marathons will be valuable for the free-service platform.

JoggingBuddy CEO Tony Piedade believes Capiraso’s wealth of experience and passion for running will help the organization to attract more platform users. As a global service, Capiraso will be a key addition to JoggingBuddy’s advisor team for encouraging millions of people to adopt a healthier lifestyle.

According to Capiraso, he joined the organization after being impressed with how it maintains a singular focus on promoting the benefits of exercise, particularly running. What’s more, the platform’s buddy system has motivated people worldwide to remain fit, especially new runners. These aspects led Capiraso to support JoggingBuddy as soon as he heard of the organization.

Michael Capiraso’s Job Description

Capiraso’s responsibilities as an advisor include developing strategies for JoggingBuddy’s sustainable growth. His shareholder stake in the company also underscores his personal belief in the platform’s growth, while ensuring JoggingBuddy’s continued success.

Piedade looks forward to Capiraso’s advice partly because the former has completed New York City marathons for 28 years in a row. Capiraso’s leadership work in a running-related company is also another reason why Piedade anticipates a better JoggingBuddy platform.

JoggingBuddy’s advisor team comprised six individuals before Michael Capiraso joined the board. His colleagues in the advisor team work remotely from Australia, the U.K., and the U.S. The company aims to expand even further since it began operations 12 years ago.

What Are the Features of the JoggingBuddy Platform?

JoggingBuddy started as a small service to help runners with their health and wellness goals. Once people sign up for the free-service platform, they can search for local running buddies or groups. This distinct feature helped JoggingBuddy to expand its reach, now catering to users in 130 countries

The platform also emerged to bridge the motivation gap in response to scientific research. Studies show that many find it challenging to maintain an active lifestyle, let alone start an exercise routine. As social creatures, humans are hardwired to maintain accountability if they accomplish tasks with someone else or as part of a group.

The same concept applies to jogging, running, and walking. Research suggests that people become more motivated to reach their exercise goals if they have partners. The companionship also adds a healthy level of competition, which compels people to continue their exercise routine.

As JoggingBuddy allows runners to find a companion or join a group, it increases the chances of maintaining a regular habit of exercise.

When new users create an account at joggingbuddy.com, they can customize their search for a partner. For example, JoggingBuddy categorizes users based on their fitness goals. It also lets someone pick a running buddy based on their experience (e.g., beginner or experienced runners).

Users can choose between a free service and a paid membership. A free account allows users to look for running partners and manually log their running sessions.

There are two types of paid membership accounts: annual membership at $12 per year and lifetime membership at $40.

The benefits of a paid membership include:

  • Log running sessions from a smartphone app
  • Participate in e-mail chats
  • User notifications (e.g., a new user who lives nearby)
  • Receive e-mail alerts
  • Send and receive requests for buddy invitations

JoggingBuddy allows all members to search for running buddies even when they are away on a trip. The platform shares tips on how to do this and more through its Running Advice blog section. Members can check out the JoggingBuddy website to learn about tips from choosing partners to what kind of shoes are best for running.

The website blog also features inspirational stories and general news about the fitness industry. Plus, competitive runners can browse the Challenge page to see the top runners in the last 30 days. The Running Advice blog publishes a variety of statistics for virtual and in-person runs.

Users can find the top-runners lists by age, gender, and country. It’s an informative section where people can measure their performance against other runners with similar backgrounds. Finally, the Challenge page also shows the number of total user miles in several leaderboard categories such as events, training, and treadmill sessions.

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Michael Capiraso

Michael Capariso is a visionary leader who serves on the board of JoggingBuddy and has shaped the business and brand strategies of the NFL, MLB, NYRR and more.