Michael Capiraso On His Favorite Routes To Run in New York City

Central Park: Michael Capariso’s Most Cherished Running Spots

The Reservoir Running Track

The Six-Mile Central Park Loop

Other Great Loops in Central Park

The NYC Marathon Finish Line

Facts and Tips for Central Park Runners from Michael Capiraso

Central Park Fast Facts

  • The park covers a 683-acre section of Manhattan
  • Central Park touches many parts of the island: Upper East, Upper West, and Midtown.
  • It receives nearly 38 million visitors each year, making it one of the world’s most popular parks.

10 Central Park Tips for Beginner Runners

  1. Wear comfortable running shoes that fit your feet.
  2. Make sure your shoes are broken in so that you don’t develop blisters or sore muscles.
  3. Stay hydrated before, during, and after your run to maximize the benefits and your own enjoyment.
  4. Choose your surface well — pavement isn’t good for everyone, and people with arthritis or other issues may do better on gravel or dirt that will have less impact on their joints.
  5. Central Park’s rules usually require runners to stay on the right side of any path and only use the left side to pass.
  6. Be aware of bicyclists and try to listen for them coming up behind you.
  7. Always look behind you before moving into the left side of the path to pass someone.
  8. Always look both ways before entering an intersection or joining a new running path.
  9. Be on the lookout for tourists — they love to stop randomly to take photos!
  10. If you get lost, look for a set of four numbers on any lamppost. The first two numbers tell you what street in the city you’re closest to, and the second pair of numbers will tell you whether you’re on the east (even numbers) or west (odd numbers) side of the park.

About Michael Capiraso



Michael Capariso is a visionary leader who serves on the board of JoggingBuddy and has shaped the business and brand strategies of the NFL, MLB, NYRR and more.

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