NYC Marathoner and Business Advisor Michael Capiraso Joins JoggingBuddy

Michael Capiraso
3 min readJun 9, 2021

JoggingBuddy is a platform that helps people to buddy-up for a walk, jog and run. Launched in 2009, it now has members in over 100 countries! JoggingBuddy has big plans this year to bring even more awareness to fitness and the importance of daily physical activity as COVID-19 begins to wane with social distancing, mask mandates, and immunizations. Lockdowns have wreaked havoc on human health in their own ways, reducing the overall level of human activity worldwide to a near standstill. Capiraso’s leadership and brand-building skills will be a valuable asset to JoggingBuddy as it seeks to re-energize and engage more people to buddy-up and keep fit for their long-term health.

JoggingBuddy’s runners have logged nearly 300,000 miles to date and are striving for 1 million or more. Over 6,600 of these miles were logged on a treadmill, and nearly 172,000 were for training. More than 66,000 miles were logged for an event and 952 miles were for commutes. A lot of people just like to run though; almost 43,000 miles were logged by JoggingBuddy users as purely recreational.

Currently, the top 5 runners are all from the United Kingdom, which has logged a total of 132,555 miles to date and is the most active country for JoggingBuddy. Israel comes in a close second, with just over 120,000 miles logged, followed by the United States with 14,824 miles and Ireland and Canada tied with 3081 miles.

“The moment I saw the JoggingBuddy platform, I realised that this was a project worth supporting,” Michael Capiraso said. “Tony and the team are driven and single minded about promoting jogging, running and walking with a unique buddy support network that helps the global community get healthy and fit”.

About JoggingBuddy

JoggingBuddy is a platform for runners to connect online. JoggingBuddy started as a grassroots effort to help people get healthier by encouraging them to get out and run. By offering a vehicle for joggers to connect with other like-minded people in their area, JoggingBuddy makes running easier and more fun. Staying motivated becomes much less difficult when you’re in a group of friends.

JoggingBuddy’s member base is made up of 53% Female and 47% Male. The average female runners averages a 13min/mile and the average male runner averages a 11 minute mile. There are some fast runners too; The fastest mile is recorded as 5 minutes, fastest 5k time trial is 23 minutes and 48 seconds and the 10K is 45 minutes.

JoggingBuddy serves over 100 countries and hundreds of communities within them. Its partners include Sport In Mind, Coros, The Athlete Media Group, mymo, and 2Pure. With a host of new partners lined up to be announced soon.

About Michael Capiraso

Michael Capiraso is a visionary leader who has stood behind numerous successful projects. His holistic team-building skills and results-driven approach are unparalleled in the industry, and Capiraso has a long history of delivering sustainable, measurable growth in the consumer goods, sports, and entertainment industries.

During his career, Michael has been appointed to manage multiple large-scale brand recognition and operations organization projects, including leadership roles with:

  • New York Road Runners (NYRR)
  • National Football League (NFL)
  • Cole Haan
  • Calvin Klein
  • WPP
  • Major League Baseball (MLB)

The NYRR’s NYC Marathon became the world’s largest marathon under the leadership of Michael Capriaso, broadcasting worldwide to 700 million households and raising over $200 million for charity and community endeavors. By establishing a vision and a mission for NYRR that drilled down on serving the running community, Michael was able to catapult the NYC Marathon to America’s top participatory sports organization, with over 53,000 finishers annually.

Capriaso is as personally dedicated to the initiative as he is professionally; he has run in 28 consecutive NYC Marathons and has raised over $100,000 alone for NYRR Team for Kids, a charity that provides youth fitness and sports programs that serve nearly 250,000 children annually, 125,000 of which are in New York City’s five boroughs.

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Michael Capiraso

Michael Capariso is a visionary leader who serves on the board of JoggingBuddy and has shaped the business and brand strategies of the NFL, MLB, NYRR and more.